What is mediation?

Mediation is a process where a neutral party (mediator) assists disputing parties in resolving conflict through negotiation techniques.

How can someone request mediation?

One party contacts the center and confidentially talks with a center staff about the conflict. A center staff will call the other party or the caller can talk with the party and ask him /her to call the mediation center.

What happens if one party refuses to meditate ?

Mediation is voluntary and a session can only be scheduled if both parties agree. The center respects the decision of each party in choosing what is right for him/her.

How is mediation different from arbitration?

A core value of mediation is that settlement is by mutual consent between disputing parties. Arbitration is a quasi-judicial process where the arbitrator hears the evidence from both sides and makes a binding decision.

What type of dispute can be mediated?

The center offers specialized services for meditation such as business disputes,real estate disputes,workplace disputes, landlord/tenant disputes, contractor/vendor disputes, association disputes, personal injuries e.t.c

How do I know mediation will be fair?

Mediators are impartial. The mediator does not take sides and is always there for both of you. The mediator doesn’t ever make any decisions for you; you work out between yourselves what proposals you want to accept. Either of you can stop the mediation process at any time; mediation will only go ahead if both of you want it to.

Does mediator make decision?

The mediator is not an arbitrator or a judge and cannot make a decision for either party. The mediator only helps disputants work towards their own resolution.

Will the agreement be put in writing?

The mediator will put any agreement reached, in writing, for both parties.

How do I enforce agreement after mediation?

If you reach an agreement and the other party doesn’t live up to it, you should first contact the party and ask them to comply. If there are further problems, you might try to return the mediation. Otherwise, you may choose to use outside resources such as seeking remedy in court.