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VCE Exam Simulator Archives

VCE Exam Simulator Archives

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, VCE Exam Simulator Archives

General Overview

VCE can be abbreviated as Victoria Certificate of Education. VCE was initially created as a certification for graduation which was intended to review as well as evaluate the test scores of scholars in Australia. VCE exam simulator can be defined as a test engine which is designed purposely for the preparation of IT certification exams. VCE exam simulator allows an individual to view, create, edit as well as take practical tests in a surrounding which is similar to that of an actual exam. VCE exam simulators assists candidates of a particular exam to pass at their first attempt. They pinpoints an individual’s weaknesses as well as strengths by quizzing him or her with the questions likely to be tested in the real exam. The questions familiarize the candidates with everything they are required to know in order to excel in the exam. VCE exam simulator actually makes the studying process simple. It makes an individual feel comfortable with the test format and gain confidence in facing the exam. Using VCE player one can create and practice his/her own tests, can choose the number of questions, time, training mode. Individuals can also convert VCE files to PDF.

VCE Exam Dumps

VCE exam dumps are files with questions and answers similar to that which one will face in the exam. They are aimed to help the candidates of IT certification exams prepare for the real exams as they equip them with knowledge and techniques of the answering different types of questions tested in the actual exam. These dumps also test whether an individual is fully prepared to sit for his or her forthcoming exam. The IT exam dumps for VCE Player can be in the form of VCE files. VCE files comprise several questions as well as answer possibilities which can be compiled into an IT certification exam. VCE exam files are very beneficial to individuals who are waiting to sit a particular exam as they enable them to study for their exams and quizzes. They also contribute to the improvement of students' academic performance thus enabling scholars to a score good grades. Individuals can make their own VCE files using VCE player. VCE files can include various exam dumps for the courses scholars are taking. VCE files comprising practice tests do provide the candidates of IT certification exams with sufficient knowledge necessary for tackling the exams. VCE files help the scholars to revise for their exam without challenges.

How to Effectively Prepare for IT Certification Exams

There are several IT certifications. The popular IT certifications include MTA, CompTIA A+, MCSA, CompTIA network+, MCSE, CompTIA security+, MCTS, CompTIA Linux+, MCPD, CompTIA project+, Oracle 11g, VCP5-DCV, Citrix, CCA, ITIL-foundation, PMP, and CISSP among others. These IT certification exams are very tough and require an individual to prepare adequately. Adequate preparation guarantees the candidates high chance of passing the exam. The scholars can apply the following smart techniques, tricks as well as tips in order to excel in their IT certification exams:

  • Students should study diligently in a quiet place free from distractions.
  • Students should ensure they implement the hands-on practices as they enable the course contents to stick in their minds in a more cohesive manner and for a longer period of time.
  • It is important for scholars to test what they have learned. For instance, they can test themselves using the quizzes relevant to the IT courses they are taking. They can as well test themselves using flash cards, reverse engineering or even have another person to test them.
  • Candidates should ensure they are always active, eat nice meals, have sufficient sleep, show up early on the exam day, and patiently as well as carefully answer the exam questions.
  • Candidates should ensure they use practice exams which are powerful as well as compelling. They should use practice tests which are similar to the actual IT certification exams.

Studying Materials

Reading intensively is the best way to prepare for any IT certification exam. There are several studying materials for different IT certification courses which are available in different forms such as videos, PDFs, modules, books etc. Scholars can access most of these study materials from the internet.

Advantages of being IT Certified

There are several advantages attributed to IT certifications. They include the following:

  • IT certifications enable an individual to earn more money.
  • IT certifications unlock other new job opportunities in the field of IT for an individual.
  • IT certifications differentiate an individual from other professionals in the competitive job market.
  • Gaining an IT certification validates an individual’s abilities and skills to solve certain problems associated with IT tasks.
  • An individual can become a mentor after earning IT certification as he or she has great working experience regarding several IT tasks.
  • IT certifications expose an individual to ideas as well as approaches which are outside his or her comfort zone. They enable individuals to think outside their work experience thus enriching their leadership qualities.


Candidates of any IT certification exam should prepare for their exams using VCE exam simulators because they provide them with a collection or a variety of questions and their answers which are similar to those tested in the main exam. VCE exam simulators ensure candidates are conversant with what they are likely to encounter in the actual exam. They actually idealize the candidates on what they should expect to face in the real exam and also allows them to evaluate their readiness for the test.

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VCE Exam Simulator Archives

Michel's Blog

As you might know, I’m an IT-guy and thus I need to update my certifications and skills regularly. There are a couple of routes to go and it depends on the goal and my own knowledge which one I’ll take.
One of them is self-preparation before I actually take an exam, by the means of a test exam with software to go with it. In my case Avanset’s VCE Exam Simulator, which I once bought. But lately, it has become worthless. Why? Avanset (a subsidiary of Certplex Ltd) has decided to follow a new and aggressive pricing strategy, as illustrated on the left.

On top of that, with introducing their new subscription based tooling, they updated the tools and all the exams on associated and owned websites, they cannot be run with versions prior to the new VCE 1.2 programs.
This forces on a subscription, even onto previous buyers. And don’t get me started on their Premium service, for which you have to dish out at least $359 per year for their VCE files.

So they went from free to an absolute stupendous pricing strategy within a couple of months, even bitch-slapping their existing customer base in the process. Well done for helping the competitors this way 🙂
Because I really despise this extortionistapproach, I decided to put up a post about a viable alternative, which will cost you € 11,99 for unlimited use, is available on both your mobile and desktop of choice and even packs a lot more easy to use features.

Steps to follow

  • Download and install Bluestacks (it’s an Android App Player)
  • Start the application
  • Click on the Search button
  • Type “A+ VCE” and click on the “Search Play for”-button
  • Click on the application of your choice

The first two listed applications are the payed and unpayed version. You can easily use the unpayed version to decide if this approach works for you.
Within the A+ VCE player:

  • Click on Add
  • Click on your preferred loading method
  • Load the exam and try it out!

I highly recommend using Dropbox or Google Drive to store your preparation exams, so you will have acces to them on any device you run A+ VCE. All exams unavailable to older versions of the Avanset VCE player work fine so far!
Additionally, you can find various account and (app-)sync options in the BlueStacks settings section to your liking.


So that’s it: An alternative with a combination of two apps that are actually a lot cheaper than using Avanset’s ridiculous subscription models and pack more usable options too. Talking about killing the goose with the golden eggs Certplex….

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