Graphic & Design

Graphic & Design

Graphic & Design

Jpg"Euclidean LandsbrShift and rotate the world to change perspective and solve tricky puzzles. pbrbrpimg src"https:macmostssl-clevermediainc.

netdna-ssl. comappicon-1107320261. jpg"Splitter CrittersbrChallenging puzzles where you split the world with a swipe to allow critters to move around.

, Graphic & Design

Wikimedia. orgwikipediacommonsthumb88aWindows_Phone_8_logo_and_wordmark. svg200px-Windows_Phone_8_logo_and_wordmark.

Graphic & Design

Ibackupstatic. comsourceimagesscroll_arrow. png"pdivdivpDoes IBackup support folder-wise restore of files with earlier versions?pp Yes, to restore a folder with earlier versions of files, you can right click on the required folder and choose 'Restore Versions' menu, under which you have the following menu options:pullistrongMost Recentstrong - Use this option to restore all the latest versions of files in the folder.

br Example: If a folder has 5 files, all the 5 files will be restored in its latest versions available. lilistrong2nd Most Recentstrong - Use this option to restore files prior to the last backed up version.


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