Pdf architect 5 activation key free Archives

Pdf architect 5 activation key free Archives

pdf architect 5 activation key free Archives

pdf architect 5 activation key free Archives

PDF Architect

PDF Architect Plans/Editions (Account Activation), PDF Architect 5 or Older (Key Activation)


PDF Architect Plans/Editions

PDF Architect Plans and Editions are associated with a PDF Architect account. Upon purchase your account will automatically be created. You can also create an account to take advantage of free functionality.  

The first time you log in to PDF Architect, the device will be registered to your account.


  • Click on Create Account / Sign In.
  • Choose SIGN IN.


You will now sign in to your PDF Architect Account. You can login with your email address and password.

  • Enter your email address and password.
  • Click SIGN IN.

You will now login. Any paid product associated with your account will now be activated. If you haven’t purchased anything, you will start your full trial or use PDF Architect Free.  

You will see the popup below confirming the product you are using.

PDF Architect is now activated and ready for use.

You can switch between available products at any time.

  • Click your name in the top right corner.
  • Choose Switch Products.


  • Choose your product
  • Click SWITCH.


  • Click OK and your product will switch over. 


It may take up to 5 minutes for new purchases to appear in your PDF Architect Product. If your product is still unavailable, please check your purchase details to verify that the email address used during checkout, matches the email used for your PDF Architect account.

PDF Architect E-Sign and PDF Architect OCR are add-ons that will automatically be available when you log in to your account.

If you do not see the add-on in your account, you will need to make sure it is assigned to the email address you are using.

You can verify that your add-ons are available at any time.


  • Click on your name in the top right corner.
  • Choose My Products.

Add-on products will have an “i” next to them. You can see an example in the screenshot below.

If you are transferring your license to a new device, click here for more instructions.

If you still cannot access your product, click here to open a support ticket.


PDF Architect 5 or Older (License Key Activation)

Troubleshooting Tips

Once you have finished installing PDF Architect you can enter your license key.

    • Choose Enter License Key.


Your license key will now be validated. Once the activation is successful you will see the window below:

In the unlikely event PDF Architect is not successfully activated, you will see the window below.

    • Click OK and proceed to the next section of this article for troubleshooting.
    • Click the Support icon if you want to reach out to us.


Troubleshooting (License Key)


    1. Did you copy/paste your license key?

Since the key is 25 characters, we recommend copying/pasting the license key instead of typing it out. Click here if you need some help learning to copy and paste.


    1. New Computer or Hard Drive? Changing your Windows?

PDF Architect license keys are valid for only 1 activation. Have you reinstalled Windows or switched your computer lately? Did you decide you’d like to use PDF Architect on another machine? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you will need to contact our Support Team. Click here to send us an email and we’ll get you a new key as soon as possible.  

    1. Do you have the right PDF Architect Installed?

Click here to double check which version of PDF Architect you purchased. 

If you do not have the right version of PDF Architect installed, your license key will not work.  

You can download any version of PDF Architect here. 

    1. Make sure nothing is blocking the activation.

Temporarily disable your firewall and antivirus. These may block PDF Architect from contacting our activation servers. 

If you need any help at all, let our support team know which antivirus you have installed and your version of Windows. 

    1. If all else fails, reach out to us.

If nothing is working … we don’t have any other solutions to try. Let us get to work getting to the bottom of this.  

The development team is going to need to get involved. They will find a solution and get your program up and running. To help them out please provide the following when you contact support. 

Screenshots of any error messages.  

    • Your license key (remember to copy and paste it) 
    • The version of PDF Architect you have installed. 
    • Your computers system information, NFO, file. Here are the steps to generate this file. 
      • Hold down the Windows Flag key and then press the R key.
      • Type MSINFO32 into the box which opens, then click Ok.  
      • Your computer will open an NFO file. Click on File and choose Save to save a copy. This will open a Browse window so that you can name and save your file.
      • Please use your family name as the name of the NFO. 

Click here to open a case with our support team.  

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, pdf architect 5 activation key free Archives

PDF Architect 7.1 Activation Key & Full Setup [Windows + Mac]

PDF Architect 7.1 Activation Key (Verified) & Full Setup [Windows + Mac]

With the advancement in the field of technology, everything is being digitalized. Similarly, papers have also been digitalized and PDF is one of the most famous file formats in which you can save your paperwork. Here we have shared the PDF Architect 5 activation key with its latest updated setup. While, You can download both of these files totally free and without clicking any ads.

What is PDF Architect 7.1?

Today, most of the students save their works in PDF format. It may be their valuable books, their precious notes and other related stuff. Similarly, professionals also use this software to store their business records and progress of the business. This file format is very useful and provides a lot of help to the people. It is the most famous file format and is used by the majority of people. PDF Architect 7.1 activation key provides amazing features like edit, insert, converting and other common functions to deal with PDF files.

What’s New in PDF Architect 7.1!

PDF is a very famous and most used file format among people. Its latest version provides many new features that make it more valuable to its users.

The ‘Create’ function of PDF Architect 5 helps the user to create PDF documents easily.

The ‘Edit’ function helps the user in editing PDF files.

The ‘Insert’ function allows you to insert in the documents which are already in PDF format

Convert’ function helps you in converting PDF format to other useful formats such as:

  • MS Excel
  • MS Word
  • HTML viewable in web browsers
  • Text Files
  • Images

With the help of the ‘Review’ feature, you can highlight some part of the PDF data. Moreover, you can also use commenting feature to comment some part of the data for later use.

This function enables the user to create forms in PDF format. Moreover, it can be filled online and user can also print it out on the paper.

E-sign helps the user to sign the official documents. This signature is known as digital signature and this is legal now.

PDF Architect 5 Crack takes care of the files. You can make passwords for your files or you can select the access level of the file to make them more secure.

Why Should You Use PDF Architect 7.1 Activation Key?

PDF architect is an amazing software which helps you not only viewing PDF files, but it also helps to create, edit and convert PDF files to other commonly used file formats. Moreover, its E-sign feature helps you sign important documents and sent to it to other people more conveniently instead of first taking its print out, then sign it, and then again convert it to PDF format and then sending it to the relevant person. However, these features of PDF Architect are not free to use. You have to buy its yearly subscription which costs you from $49-$89 Dollars a year. However, with the help of the PDF Architect 5 Activation key, you can use this software free of cost.

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How to Apply PDF Architect 7.1 Activation Key?

It is very easy to install PDF architect 5 crack on PC as well as on Mac. Just follow the below steps.

  • First, download the setup file of PDF architect.
  • Install it on your PC or Mac.
  • Download the PDF Architect 5 activation key on your system which is available on our website.
  • Open the PDF architect Exe file and go on the registration button.
  • It will ask for PDF architect 5 activation key. Enter it on the insertion space and click on continue.
  • Finally, Your cracking process is done!

System Requirements:

Your system must fulfill following requirements in order to install PDF architect crack.

  • The operating system must be Windows XP, 7, 8 or 10 or any macOS currently working.
  • It requires at least Pentium 4 processor.
  • There should be at least 1 GB RAM for both Windows and Mac.
  • You will also need MS Office for plug-in use.

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pdf architect 5 activation key free Archives

PDF-XChange Viewer

The smallest, fastest, most feature-rich PDF reader/viewer available.

  • View, modify, and annotate PDF files.
  • Free OCR included.
  • Please note that this product has been updated and replaced by PDF-XChange Editor.
Current version: 2.5.322.10
Supported Operating Systems: Windows XP or later

PDF-XChange Viewer has been discontinued and replaced by PDF-XChange Editor - which is now available and includes all the features of the Viewer and much, much more...

The No.1 rated BEST PDF Reader - as voted by Life Hacker Readers by a 2-1 margin for the second year in a row!

Those wishing to view/modify or perform simple editing and even OCR image-based PDF files 
on their Windows PCs now have a FREE PDF-reader alternative to the Adobe Reader!PDF-XChange Viewer is smaller, faster and more feature-rich than any other free PDF reader/viewer/editor available. This free PDF viewer download also allows users to try the extended functionality offered by PDF-XChange Viewer 'PRO' in evaluation mode - for free. No PDF reader/viewer offers more features than PDF-XChange without compromising on performance and quality. Please see the feature list below and save $100s in unnecessary expenditure on your PDF software today. Also included are the very powerful PDF-XChange Shell Extensions and iFilter features. 

The licensed PDF-XChange Viewer 'PRO', is a PDF-creator in its own right that enables users to create PDF files directly from scanners, image files .txt and/or .rtf files, as well as create new PDF documents.

The OCR functionality supports a base language set of English, French, German and Spanish. Additional language extension packages are availablehere.

PDF-XChange Viewer may be used without limitation for private, commercial, government and all other uses, provided it is notincorporated or distributed for profit/commercial gain with other software or media distribution of any type - without first gaining permission from Tracker Software Products.

A Software Developer'sViewer SDK is available that can be licensed for third-party software applications that require the functionality of a PDF reader or the ability to edit PDF files without exorbitant royalty fees.

Note: For those users that would still like to use the licensed "PRO" version of PDF-XChange Viewer, the serial keys for PDF-XChange Editor,PDF-Tools and PDF-XChange Pro are compatible for directly unlocking the "Pro" features of the Viewer.

Free Stamp Collections for PDF-XChange Viewer are available here.

Included FREE features:

  • New -  OCR options included -  OCR your image based/scanned PDF's to make fully text searchable PDF files !!!!
  • Add Comments and Annotations to any PDF file (subject to security settings) - unlike the Adobe Viewer which requires the PDF creation tool to be 'certified' by Adobe !
  • Add & apply Custom Stamps from any Image or PDF File and even your Windows Clip board !
  • Measurement Tools incl. perimeter and area
  • Mark-up pages with text and objects
  • Type directly on any PDF page, not just Adobe enabled forms documents - in Typewriter mode.
  • Export PDF pages or entire files to any one of the supported Image formats including BMP, JPEG, TIFF, PNG and many more ...
  • Extract text from a PDF page/File
  • Make your navigation of large or complex PDF files both simple and enjoyable with the extended functionality of our 'Loupe' and the 'Pan' Window tools
  • PDF Security Support including 40/128 bit RC4 and 128/256 bit AES Encryption Password and Permissions Add/Edit
  • Data Execution Prevention (DEP) - stops the execution of nefarious scripts from Virus's/trojans etc.
  • Fill and Save Adobe Forms to disk, email or 'post' - including XFA and dynamic forms (new in V2.5) ! 
  • Full JavaScript Engine included
  • Store/Restore of last opened files (last session)
  • Updated JPEG2000 Compression support - improving speed.
  • Plug-Ins for both MS IE or Firefox Browser's included
  • Use in conjunction with your favorite translation software to translate text on the 'fly' - including :  ABBYY Lingvo 12, Translate It!, Lingoes.
  • Auto-Highlights Fillable Form Fields
  • Integrated Shell Extensions for PDF thumbnails and document preview in Windows Explorer
  • Document Search. Probably the fastest PDF document search engine available today !
  • Set default viewing preferences for PDF files

Included FREE features:

  • IFilter Fast Search ! Trackers super fast IFilter is supplied FREE with all PDF-XChange Viewer installs and extracts and searches text from pages, document info (title, authors, subject etc.), comments, and bookmarks etc - faster than any competing IFilter product available!
  • Adobe® Porfolios®Supported
  • Includes comprehensive Help file and PDF Manual - no extra downloads required to add features etc. 
  • Support for PDF File Attachments (portfolio)
  • Import/Export Reader default settings
  • Send PDF files via email from viewer
  • Ruler, Snap To Grid and Guidelines
  • Customize User Interface (Toolbar options etc)
  • Undo/Redo functionality for text editor
  • Portable version also available - can be run from any suitable device such as a Memory stick/CD/DVD etc - simply unzip and use - no installation required - just 6MB download !
  • Compatible with Windows XP and later (32/64 bit)
  • Simple editing options - see latest releases 
  • Add/Edit/Move Bookmarks (Now a Free Feature)

Advanced PRO features - PDF-XChange Editor License Required.

  • Delete Pages
  • Move Pages - By Drag&drop in Thumbnails View.
  • Insert/Import Pages (from existing PDF files) 
  • Extract pages to a new file (PDF or Image format - 15 formats supported)
  • Crop Pages/Files  
  • Flatten Annotations/Comments
  • Insert Blank page
  • Summarize Comments
  • Export Comments
  • Scan Direct to PDF
  • Create PDF documents from text and RTF files
  • Convert 15 supported image formats to PDF
  • Add Digital Signatures (incl. Time Stamps)

Comprehensive Annotation and Markup Tools

PDF-XChange Viewer offers the simple and advanced user a feature rich annotation library of tools far surpassing the offerings of our competitors, as well as the means to customize each tool. From pop-ups and sticky notes to stamps and auto calculated measurement tools, we know you'll be surprised with what our viewer has to offer.

PDF-XChange Viewer has a rich feature set compared to other PDF viewers

A small sample of just some of the many features PDF-XChange Viewer has to offer.

PDF-XChange Viewer has the ability to secure your PDF files

Secure your PDF files and setup document permission options with ease.  PDF-XChange Viewer allows user to add 40/128 bit RC4 or 128/256 bit AES encryption,  as well the PRO version offers Digital Signature support to ensure Document & Content Authenticity.

PDF-XChange Viewer supports all Windows (32/64 bit) operating systems from Windows XP* and later:

Version 5 (2012): Microsoft/Citrix Terminal Server compatible*.
Version 4: Microsoft/Citrix Terminal Server compatible*.
Version 3: Still available for Windows 95/98

  • We recommend that users install the latest Microsoft Windows service packs and updates before using our products, as doing so will ensure the greatest possible performance of the software.
  • Our products - in particular the printer drivers that PDF-XChange Standard and PDF-XChange Lite utilize - are not designed to work in virtualized environments such as the XenApp software.
  • *There are some limitations to product support for Windows XP as Microsoft have stopped supporting it. Further information about this issue is available here.
  • If you are using Windows 7 then please ensure you have the latest release and all available fixes - otherwise you may encounter issues, as detailed here.

The PDF-XChange Viewer evaluation version is free for private and commercial use, provided it is not bundled with other software for financial gain. When PDF-XChange Viewer is used in evaluation mode, many menu items are marked with a  symbol, which indicates that they are licensed features. These features can still be used, but watermarks will be present on output content, as detailed below. Please note that it is not possible to remove evaluation watermarks without a user license. If you want to experiment with the licensed features then we recommend creating a copy of documents with which to experiment.


Please note that, in order to keep the size of the installer files as small as possible, the PDF-XChange Viewer manual comes as a separate download from the product installer. The PDF-XChange Viewer manual is available here.

Additionally, please note that the PDF-XChange Viewer is not designed to create new PDF files from third-party document formats. If you want to create PDF files from other Windows applications that can print to paper, then you should use the free PDF-XChange Lite virtual printer. You can use PDF-XChange Viewer to convert scanned paper documents into PDF format, and to view, edit and annotate PDF documents.

If you are unsure of which download is applicable to you, then you should use the zip installer as it will identify the version of Windows that you are using and download the correct installer for you. Note that this installer is a .exe file wrapped in a zip file, which is a necessary step as some download management software blocks .exe files. Alternatively, you can use the .msi installer - but in that case it is necessary to download and install the correct version for your operating system.

Virtual Print Drivers

PDF-XChange Lite (this product is now free for non-commercial use, and included for commercial use with PDF-XChange Editor/Editor Plus and PDF-Tools).

PDF-XChange Standard

PDF-XChange PRO (includes PDF-XChange Editor).

MSI Installer Options
These installers are designed for corporate-level system administrators, as opposed to general users. If you are unsure of how to approach installation then you should use the default .zip installer instead of the .msi installer.


The new OCR functionality is available at no extra charge in both the free and licensed version of PDF-XChange Viewer - but please note that it requires build 200 or later. The default installation supports four languages (English, French, German and Spanish). Additional language extension packages are available here. If PDF-XChange Viewer (build 200 or later) has been installed without the OCR base languages support, then it is necessary to download and install the base language pack prior to any of the other available language packs.

  • by 12 Jul, 2019 05:43 PM PDT
    sin lugar a dudas Esta es la mejor aplicación pdf que he encontrado
  • by 21 Jun, 2019 11:47 PM PDT
    useful app and expect the IOS version
  • by 28 Sep, 2018 03:22 AM PDT
    I tried several pdf readers and, to me, the PDF-Xchange Viewer is the best by far. It has all the tools I need for my everyday work (commenting tools, OCR, etc.) and a great interface. Truth is, I miss to be able to digitally sign pdf documents with it (and a few minor things), but taking into account that somebody worked to give it to me for free (lots of thanks!!), I am extremely happy with it. C'mon! It is a wonderful program and it is for free !!!!
  • by Smy 01 Feb, 2018 09:19 AM PDT
  • by John Waling 06 Oct, 2016 08:19 AM PDT
    Very good product, does everything I need for manipulating pdf's.

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