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Photo Vault For PC Windows Archives

Photo Vault For PC Windows Archives

Photo Vault For PC Windows Archives

Keepsafe Photo Vault for Windows 10/8.1/8/7 PC Free Download/Install

Keepsafe Photo Vault for Windows 10: Hide Private Photos & Videos :- Lately you are showing some photos to your friends on your pc or smartphone and by sudden chance they start scrolling down your personal photos. well there isn't really much you can do about it right, but rather its a whole lot of embarrassment for you now.

moreover we too know lately we barely get any privacy, and our devices are not at all safe with the data it has in it. thus it is really important to have atleast some place where we can keep our important videos and photographs safe, but wherever we find we just get paid applications and apps that are full of ads. well, not anymore because today we present before you the very astonishing and ravishing application

Features of Keepsafe Photo Vault for Windows 10: Hide Private Photos & Videos:-

  • Different types of protection:-Keepsafe Photo Vault helps you with different types of password settings be it pattern,pin or bio metrics it has it all to keep you all secure

  • Allows you to sync photos:-with the help of this application you can easily sync your photos with the help of cloud

  • Easy backup:- if you lose your phone or any mishap happens your photos can easily be backed up

  • Special face down feature:- if you are annoyed constantly by people around you, there is a feature that is face down feature by which you can put your phone down and it will lock it instantly.

  • Special Sharing System:-you can securely share your important pictures and videos with your friends and then automatically it will be deleted within 20 seconds as you send it.

Keepsafe Photo Vault for Windows 10: Hide Private Photos & Videos:-

Keepsafe is a marvelous app that stores all your private data for you with high end security as Keepsafe helps you to secure your personal data and valuable photos by locking them down with PIN type protection, fingerprint , pattern and also various other types of authentication. It’s the best place for hiding personal pictures and videos. With Keepsafe, you can protect your privacy, secure your photos, and save phone space and all of that just for free. that means you no more have to go out looking for other applications and spend your hard earned money just to get some privacy.

And the simplest and the most gradient part is that:- you Just have to go and have a glance through your phones galary and save them onto the keepsafe application. Once imported, you can choose to easily delete those photos from your phone’s public photo gallery while still view them in your Keepsafe Photo Vault, well isn't that amazing?

Plus moreover Keepsafe Photo Vault for Windows 10 has many features as well which make the application so amazing in its own way.

  1. always feel nostalgic as you will save you precious memories

  2. Store your family and personal photos

  3. secure your important ids such as voter card or license

  4. save your important documents

  5. you can secure your gallery with bio metrics as well


5000 free files to store.

Keepsafe is very simple to use and is very user friendly.

it has special encryption system to save files

The backup plan is effective as you don’t have to worry when you lose your data

the application uses a strong SSL

Pro's and Con's of Keepsafe Photo Vault for Windows 10:-


for some people 5000 is not enough and for more files you'll have to pay to extend the limit.

It is, glitchy sometimes since it is free to use.

some people get tired of using bio metrics again and again

at rare cases you won't be able to move ahead with the pop-up adverts that are continuous.

Q1.Is Keepsafe Photo Vault a good app?

Ans- Of course YES! Keepsafe allows you to keep up to 5000 images to be scored in an encrypted and safe format that too for free. :)

Q2. Is Keepsafe free to use?

Ans- Yes, Keepsafe Photo Vault: Hide Private Photos & Videos is free to use till 5000 images.

Q3. Can I download Keepsafe on windows 10

Ans- Currently Keepsafe is not available for Windows 10, but you can download it to your PC with the help of an Android Emulator such as Bluestacks.

Keepsafe Photo Vault for computer

Download Keepsafe Photo Vault for Pc

Keepsafe Photo Vault for macbook

Keepsafe Photo Vault premium apk download

How to Download Keepsafe Photo Vault on pc without bluestacks

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This is a cool secret vault app that can store your private Pictures, Videos in a very safe & secret place, with countless and unbelievable features and options. No one can even guess that this app can store your private files, since this app will not be displayed as vault app, instead, it will look like a Calculator in front end! Login: You can choose your own password, to login into your secret vault. It has a Fake login too, which is very useful, when somebody compels you to open this App in front of them! So, it is almost impossible for anyone to view those files, other than you. Notes & Browser: This app also has private notes and an in-built web browser, and many more feature are there! Enjoy hiding! We have Trippe-Security-System to safeguard your files! So, Break if you can! Take a look at few of our App's Features: ---------------------------------------------- * Looks like Calculator in Front end * But, It is an Advanced Gallery Vault in Back end * with Unbreakable Password Protection (TSS) * Password recovery through email * Intelligent Fake login * Folder management, export entire folder * Special Recycle bin inside App itself * World 1st, Video zoom Options * Video/Image snapshot save option * Video Auto Play from Left off Option * Picture Rotate, Zoom & Pan Options * Inbuilt Documents locker * Inbuilt Notes management * Inbuilt Web browser, Secret Bookmarks * Files/Folders Export Options * Slideshow, Auto play pictures/videos * Logout session * and many more features being added continuously.... --------------------------------------------------------------- Disclaimer: This windows store app is from Dolphin systems, India. This app is NOT from Google/YouTube/Facebook. Neither sponsored by Google/YouTube/Facebook, nor associated or affiliated with above. Not connected with Google/YouTube/Facebook in any way. You should not download copyrighted content without permission of the owner. This app is not intended to download copy righted materials in any manner. We are not responsible for any violation of intellectual property. Google/YouTube/Facebook/Microsoft trademark shown in the browser area of the App, or content of the App, Videos snapshot are intellectual properties of their copyright owners. Google search engine is a product developed by Google. This site is not directly affiliated with Google. All trademarks, registered trademarks, product names and company names or logos mentioned herein are the property of their respective owners. Feel free to contact us regarding copyright / intellectual property or any other complaints and suggestion. Thanks for understanding.

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Photo Vault For PC Windows Archives

The Vault for Windows

You may have sensitive files stored in your computer that you don't want anyone else to access. The Vault is a good way to protect them from prying eyes.

The Vault creates a virtual safe for your files in your hard drive. You can have as many vaults as you need, each one of them with their own folder structure – just like Windows Explorer. The program supports four encryption algorithms (Blowfish, AES, Serpent and Twofish) and four types of hash functions (MD5 128, Sha 256, Sha 384 and Sha 512).

The Vault doesn't require installation. When you run it for the first time you'll be asked to set a master password – which you should never forget. Then you're ready to start creating vaults, adding folders to them and dragging and dropping any files you want to protect into the program's interface. You also have the option to check the encryption performance of each algorithm and hash combination with a built-in test.

Generally speaking The Vault is a handy application but it may not be easy to understand for those who are not familiar with computer security. The fact that the program doesn't include any documentation doesn't help either.

The Vault lets you create encrypted virtual safes in your hard drive to store and protect sensitive data, though it may not be very intuitive for beginners.

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